RECRUIT 講師求人情報

■French teacher ■Italian teacher ■German teacher ■Spanish teacher
Motivated and cheerful teachers loving communication wanted!

【School information】
Opened in June 2005 close to the JR Ofuna station, Little Europe is a school where staff and teachers give priority to offer individual and quality service to each students and strive to adapt to their needs and objectives. While being serious and dedicated to our mission, the fact of being little enable us to have a nice and friendly working environment. Slowly but surely, our company is growing, and since March 2014, we have opened a new branch close to the JR Yokohama station.
We are providing group lessons along with private tuitions.
【Looking for】
  • French teacher
  • Italian teacher
  • German teacher
  • Spanish teacher
【Work description】
  • Private and group lesson
  • Other administratives tasks depending on competences
  • Have previous teaching experience or teaching certificate
  • Be able to teach about their countries culture
  • Be living in the Kanagawa or Tokyo Area
  • Be able to work in the evenings and on week-ends
  • Be willing to work on the long term
  • Be strongly motivated about working as a teacher and about communication itself

For non-japanese:

  • Have a proper visa allowing them to work in Japan
  • Have basic conversation skills in Japanese
【Profile sought】
  • Positive and dynamic
  • Be willing to improve his/her own experience
  • Be able to adapt to changes
  • Give importance to team work
  • Have a strong sense of responsibility
【Working motivation】
As a small size business, we have a cheerful working environnement where employees ideas and projects are quite easy to put in place. There is also a high possibility for key elements of becoming core members of the company.
【Working places】
  • Little Europe Yokohama
    Nikurai Bld. 6F, Okano 1-12-18, Yokohama (6 minutes walk from JR Yokohama station)
  • Little Europe Ofuna
    Mitsumi Bld. 3F, Kobukuroya 1-1-6, Kamakura (4 minutes walk from JR Ofuna station)
【Contract type】
*Possibility of promotion to a full-time position afterwards
  • Transportation covered
  • Preferable prices for other language lessons
  • Free Coffee, tea and other soft drinks

Please send your resume with a picture, along with a cover letter in English or Japanese to:

or by post: Little Europe Co., Ltd.
Mitsumi Bld.3F, 1-1-6 Kobukuroya, kamakura, KANAGAWA, 247-0055

フランス語講師 イタリア語講師 ドイツ語講師 スペイン語講師

そして、2014年3月横浜駅近くに「語楽塾リトルヨーロッパ 横浜校」、2014年9月鎌倉駅前に「語楽塾リトルアジア 鎌倉校」を開校しました。
  • フランス語講師
  • イタリア語講師
  • ドイツ語講師
  • スペイン語講師
    • 当該言語を指導した経験のある方
    • 言語だけでなく、文化的な教育にも熱心な方
    • 神奈川県・東京近郊在住の方
    • 週末・平日夜の勤務も可能な方
    • 長期勤務出来る方


  • 日本で就労することが可能なビザを取得していること
  • 基本的な日本語会話が可能であること
  • これまでの経験を生かしながら、前向きに新しい事にもチャレンジしていきたい方
  • 明るい人柄で、チームワークを大切にしていける方
  • 責任感をもって業務に取り組める方
  • 枠にとらわれずレッスンスタイルに柔軟性のある方
  • 語楽塾リトルヨーロッパ 横浜校
    神奈川県横浜市西区岡野1-12-18 新倉ビル6階(JR横浜駅南西口(相鉄口)より徒歩6分)
  • 語楽塾リトルヨーロッパ 大船校
    神奈川県鎌倉市小袋谷1-1-6 三美3階(JR大船駅東口より徒歩4分)
  • 交通費規定額支給
  • 語学授業社員割引あり
  • コーヒー紅茶など、ドリンク無料
住所:神奈川県鎌倉市小袋谷1-1-6 三美ビル3階 〒247-0055
電話:0467-40-2064【月-金 10:00-15:00 16:00-20:30 / 土 10:00-15:00 16:00-17:30 *日・祝日休校】