Translation / Interpretation service


Our translators are native speaker who have a great understanding of both language and culture to ensure accuracy and quality in our translations.Our translations are always checked by native speaker to ensure qualitative and accurate translation. We can translate form informal to official documents in a wide range of domains.

Type of documents:

■ General
Informal documents such as letters, e-mails, postcards, plain text, etc.

■ Business
Business oriented documents such as business letters, company brochures, company rules, manuals, etc.

■ Professional
Technical document using specific vocabulary in domains such as legal, financial, architectural, industrial, IT, etc.

Translation prices

European Language translation – English / French / Italian / German / Spanish

* Minimum charge ¥4,000 (tax not included)

Asian Language translation – Chinese / Korean

* Minimum charge ¥4,000 (tax not included)


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We can provide transcription of audio documents as well as audio translation. Transcription only service is to convert any audio data into text. Audio translation is the translation of any audio document into Japanese.

* Minimum charge ¥6,000 (tax not included)
* Rates are calculated in 1-minute increments (rounded up to the nearest 30 seconds)

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Proofreading and editing services by native proofreaders who understand well language and culture of both language in order to avoid errors and problems that are likely to occur when written by a non native person.

* Minimum charge ¥4,000 (tax not included)

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Our interpreters have a long experience in both language and have a well understanding of both culture. Before starting any project, several meetings may take place to fully understand the nature of the communication you want to transmit in Japanese. Our non-Japanese interpreter will be able to communicate on the most efficient way and direct way any of your inquiries. 

Consecutive interpretation (meetings, business negotiations, interviews)

* Minimum charge ¥44,000 (tax not included)

Simple interpretation (attendant interpretation, telephone inquiries)

* Minimum charge ¥5,000 (tax not included)
* Preparation meetings will be charged separately
* 8 hours of daily restraining time (7 hours of actual work and 1 hour of break)
* Within 4H of half-day work hours
* Basic rate is increased by 50% per hour will be charged for service  between 10pm to 5am.

Cancellation fee

* Transportation, meals, lodging, and insurance for the interpreter will be charged separately.
* If the interpreter is required to travel during the interpretation, additional fee will be charged.
* If a holiday falls during the interpreting period, additional fee will be charged.
* A cancellation fee will be charged if the order is cancelled after 7 days of its confirmation.